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Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a home, re-mortgaging for a better offer, or using your equity to manage debts or to support your retirement plans, Free Debt Helpline offers access to free equity release and mortgage advice that you can trust.

Free Debt Helpline offers you access to equity release advice, residential mortgage and retirement mortgage advice. We will ensure you benefit from our variety of solutions.


Best advice for you: 


In order to create a safe environment, explore your options with our highly experienced advisors that are salaried with no bonuses, commissions or sales targets. This will give you a peace of mind on the best advice and options for you.


Six reasons on why we stand out from the other companies? 


  •  Trust
     We are the UK's only charity-operated mortgage and equity release advice service.
  •  Expertise
     Fully qualified mortgage and equity release advisors with in-depth knowledge and experience.
  •  Unbiased
     Salaried advisors. No sales targets, bonuses or commission.
  •  Value
     No advice fee payable even if you proceed with an application.
  •  Convenience
     Telephone-based advice at a time to suit you. No intrusive home visits.
  •  Peace of mind
     The only advice service to pass all the best practice tests in the 2012 Which? equity release report.

Key things we must consider

Here are the things we must consider when getting assessed on your capability for a residential mortgage or equity release solution:

  •  Releasing equity might affect entitlement to means-tested benefits and your tax position.
  •  Think about the alternatives i.e.: downsize to a smaller property
  •  Future property prices may either get higher or lower than they are today
  •  Releasing equity from your home will decrease the value of your estate, affecting the amount of inheritance you left behind.
  •  Think very carefully before securing other debts against your home
  •  To understand the risks and features of planning permission for a personalised illustration
  •  Your home may be repossessed if your repayments are not up to date on your residential & retirement mortgages.

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