Our Vision: We want to create a society free debt problem.

We will help to overcome the major problems that debt can cause at this day and age.From the introduction of debt management plans, to the pioneering use of cognitive behavioural therapy to help with debt-related stress in our Debt tool.

We want to be recognised as the most trusted provider of free debt advice and solutions.

The value of what we are capable of can never be underestimated. Problem debt cause major stress to individuals but the damage can go even further such as ruining homes, wrecking families and affecting the entire community. Our intervention has helped transform the lives of millions. And we are committed to helping many more.


What we can promise our clients

We work with clients to resolve their debt problems that they are facing. We make no judgement on the cause of debt problems and work with clients in a sympathetic and supportive manner.

We undertake a comprehensive examination of the client's financial position, discuss possible solutions and a course of action recommended.

When clients can afford to repay their debt in a reasonable period of time, we recommend a repayment solution. If it is not possible to do that, we will recommend an insolvency option where we support our clients with the administration of a long-term plan that will review the situation at least annually.

We communicate with our clients in a clear, honest, accurate, regular and timely manner.