Personal Debt Stats & Trends

Our Clients stories tell us about their debt problems they are facing in the UK.


Our Statistics Yearbooks. Charting debt trends among our clients.  

Our Statistics Yearbooks draw on our client data to highlight the developing debt trends we are witnessing all over the UK.

The latest personal debt stats and trends: 

September 2017

Our Statistics Mid-Yearbook shows that the UK's latest personal and household debt trends at the beginning of 2017. There was a record demanding that Free Debt Helpline debt advice as from January to June 2017. 326,639 people contact us for help and support with their debt problem: one person in every 48 seconds.

June 2017

There was a record demanding for debt advice from Free Debt Helpline in Scotland as of 2016. We have advised 1,400 or more clients every month. Using this client data, Scotland in the Red highlights the issues and key statistics relating to debt in Scotland.

April 2017

There was a record demanding for debt advice from Free Debt Helpline in 2016. 599,026 people have contacted us for help during the year, the equivalent of one person in every 53 seconds. In 2016 there were 3.3 million visits to the website and an increase of 100% since 2011.

August 2016

At the start of 2016, 28% of our clients has asked friends and family for loans which has totalled up to £200m. In 2 years it has compared 20% of clients. The average debt to friends and family is now £4,000 or more.

August 2016

In 2015, nearly 1 in 5 clients whom have helped live in London, making it the debt capital of Britain. With the knock-on effect of this costing the city £1.4 billion a year, London in the Red report highlights the issues of debt problem with insight into the financial difficulties faced by those who are living in the capital of Britain.

May 2016

In 2015, those who have contacted us in financial difficulty were more likely to work part-time and live in rented accommodation. We have also advised more families that are struggling with essential household bills.

Feburary 2015

As of 2014 we saw debt problems rising swiftly among single parents and the under-25s. These two groups were significantly over-represented among our client base. We also witnessed an increasing proportion of our clients in part-time work and rented accommodation falling behind on essential bills.

March 2015

Based on gathering data from our clients in Wales, this report provides an assessment of what we are seeing, including debt levels, the proportion of our Welsh clients are falling behind on essential bills such as rent and mortgage repayments, energy bills and Council Tax, along with overall levels of those seeking our advice in Wales.

March 2014

As of 2013 unemployment and reduced working hours are the main reasons why people got in touch with us for debt advice. We discovered that, on average more than 50% of clients waited more than a year between realising their debt was the problem and seeking advice.

December 2014

Free Debt Helpline provides clients in Scotland with debt advice and specific solutions under Scottish legislation. We currently receive over thousand requests for help from clients every month. This report looks at the changing nature of debt problems in Scotland.